Monday, February 9, 2009

Indie-rock Word of the Week: Neoteric

picture via SY's myspace
Part of speech: noun or adjective, as used here

What it means:
of recent origin; modern (per

How Moshe Levy,who writes most of Sonic Youth's news, uses Gerard Cosley's quote in a blog:
"Of The Eternal, Matador’s Gerard Cosloy says, 'We’ve not had a record in our recent history that’s been the subject of nearly as much speculation and anticipation. Suffice to say we’re pretty amazed at the way the band delivered something this neoteric while still sounding like, well, themselves. Less of a reinvention and perhaps more to do with a particularly awesome dozen songs.'"
Why I like it:
  • It first reminded me of esoteric, and I immediately thought that being newly esoteric is a great descriptor for SY, because they sprung out of (and have been accused of purposefully mirroring) what is going on in the elite art world of New York City
  • Whatever words coming from Cosloy aren't just coming from him as a label rep. As a fan, he arranged Sonic Youth's first-ever Boston show in 1982, when indie-rock was first starting, and he signed them to their first record contract at age 19.
I also love how the late John Fahey's art draws the eye inward and keeps it there, until you catch yourself staring at one the most stark places of the canvas. The Eternal is out June 9 on double vinyl, and in CD and digital formats.

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