Friday, September 19, 2008

"... and the Chicago Cubs will beat every team in the league"- The Mountain Goats

I love Cubs fans. Say what you will about their fickle flightiness, but what other team's fans start making World Series championship claims before the playoffs have even begun? Cubs fans have season aspirations higher than Alfonso Soriano's paycheck, even though they are oft accused of drinking the "this year is the year" Kool-aid too fervently.

Great art is sometimes born out of frustration, and the Cubbie's 100-year drought serves as perfect fodder for musicians. Hopefully artists have some positive inspiration after this week's events. After Lee helped push the Milwaukee Brewers further back in the division during the 12-inning showdown yesterday, the Cubs stand a chance to clinch the division (for the second year in a row!) if they beat the Cardinals today, and if the Brewers lose.

Derrick Lee, 1st baseman for the Cubs,
1st place in my heart

Thankfully, I have two songs to listen to depending on the outcome of the season.

If the Cubs do well, I will listen to Eddie Vedder's wistful "Go All the Way," which he wrote per Ernie Bank's request. Vedder's narcissism aside, that's pretty cool he listened to Bank's request and created this sing-along.

Chicago Cubs Song - Pearl Jam

Vedder's pretentiousness still seeps through in that he wants to release a recorded version of this song on "souvenir 45's." Can something be a souvenir before a historic event has happened? I guess if he says so.

If the Cubs lose, being a typical fan, I will blame it on some outside, probably mystical force, and then listen to The Mountain Goats' melancholy and sarcastic "Cubs in Five."

Cubs In Five - The Mountain Goats

Though I much prefer the Goats' song to Vedder's, I hope to be singing "Go, Cubs, Go" followed by "Go All the Way" in October.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

First installment of WTF Wednesday!

In TV on the Radio's video for "Golden Age," TVOTR step into a Polyphonic Spree video, hide Care Bears under their robes, and have a dance-off with the Hot Cops from Arrested Development.

Sorry, it won't let me embed the video.

Formally due out next Tuesday, Dear Science (Interscope) is a lot less wacky than this video, but just as fun for the listen. More then.